Health and Life Sciences

At last, a software application for work instructions and continuous improvement

The GENEO application is:


Companies of medium to large scale pursuing Operational Excellence

Who Need

A platform that enables compliance through the building of great standards or work instructions

And Want

To engage their people in continually improving upon existing standards of excellence


GENEO Software


A SaaS provider


Builds, manages and governs work instructions to improve compliance

Our Product

Empowers front-line staff to standardise and improve their processes without compromising quality


Desktop applications or document management systems

Health and Life Sciences

Building compliance without compromising continuous improvement

GENEO Software is an application built to help life science organisations and health services to get the best outcomes from their processes and ensure patient safety.

We understand your environment

GENEO understands the stringent demands of GMP and the need to manage non-conformities in the workplace. We understand the need to make sure every aspect of Job Instructions must be carefully managed to deliver a quality outcome.

We recognise also that great companies want engagement and ‘buy-in’ from their technicians and operating teams to maintain and encourage continuous improvement. Compliance and continuous improvement do not have to be opposing forces in your organisation. Take advantage of GENEO’s unique application for managing Standardised Work in the safe knowledge that change management, version history, ideas adoption, problem notification and authorisation are all taken care of in one place.

Build great Standardised Work for Life Science organisations

Change Management

Manage change seamlessly, track changes and make sure teams are aware and trained in the changes. Being able to conform to a standard has been made that much easier 


GENEO understands how important it is to be on top of changes to requirements. With GENEO Software, and its ability to link requirements or policy to the hundreds of Standards in play at any moment, you can see which standards, and how many, may be affected.

Authorisation and good governance

GENEO Software’s authorisation and governance functionality enables you to manage updates and incorporation of change using an array of authorisation settings to best suit your business. Track the changes through the governance functionality and stay ahead of conformance.

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For more details on how GENEO Software can help you manage standardised work contact us on Alternatively, organise a short demo with one of our team.

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