At last, a software application for work instructions and continuous improvement

The GENEO application is:


Companies of medium to large scale pursuing Operational Excellence

Who Need

A platform that generates brilliant work instructions to manage quality excellence

And Want

To engage their people in continually improving the current condition


GENEO Software


A SaaS provider


Builds, manages and governs work instructions to improve performance in Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost

Our Product

Empowers front-line staff to standardise, be safe, improve quality and drive productivity.


Desktop applications or document management systems


Built to shape the future of Standardised Work in the workplace

GENEO Software, designed with your Industry 4.0 needs in mind. GENEO Software features enable manufacturing and assembly operations to build processes – regardless of complexity – with agility to meet customer demand.

Safety First

Take full advantage of the GENEO Software features to manage safety requirements, highlight hazards and risks at each step in the process. Never lose sight of the priority risk number for a work Instruction / Standard. Capture risk values at step level so when re-balancing the process the risk priority number for the element moves with the step and is then rolled-up to affect the standard it is assigned to.

Assign PPE in a similar way, with elements of work adopting the parent PPE from the Standard.  But also define PPE for an element in case it moves from one standard to another.


Maximise productivity without compromising quality using GENEO Software. Take advantage of our matrices for managing the complexity of variants. Never lose the ability to share ‘best practice’ Job Elements using the shared element functionality.  You will not only experience greater agility in production but you will benefit from up to a forty percent reduction in the number of standards required to manage the outputs.


GENEO Software can streamline you authorisation processes for Standardised Work without leaving anyone out of the loop. With built-in alerts and emails, change management tracking and full version history, your teams can be assured that the evolution of their standards is managed from first change to last change.

Industry 4.0

GENEO Software is built with the future in mind. As ERP and MES systems help to govern the ‘what and the when’, GENEO Software is taking care of the ‘how’ with its powerful database and easy to use interface enabling leaders to not just capture the one best way but also to leverage it across the enterprise. With e-standards available and step through guides training and managing your teams’ competencies has never been easier.

Building great standards from elements to process flows

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