Heavy Industries

At last, a software application for work instructions and continuous improvement

The GENEO application is:


Companies of medium to large scale pursuing Operational Excellence

Who Need

An agile platform to assure safe and productive work in operations

And Want

To mitigate and reduce risk without compromising continuous improvement


GENEO Software


A SaaS provider


Enables front-line staff to build Work Instructions that improve performance by 10% or more.

Our Product

Which provides agility and control to operations by empowering front-line staff to standardise and improve processes.


Desktop applications or document management systems

Heavy Industries


Stay Safe and Stay Productive

GENEO Software has the capacity to deal with the complex nature of long-cycle work that requires operators to manage and acknowledge risk as part of their daily work.
Safety First
Without straying from the principles of creating great Standardised Work, GENEO provides the opportunity for teams operating in hostile environments to build and adhere to work instructions and still find opportunities to improve performance. With GENEO’s ability to create tablet-based standards, operators can feel safe in the knowledge that their step-through work instructions will make sure the work is completed according to the requirements without compromising safety or productivity.

Real-Time Feedback

GENEO has built functionality that enables operating teams to feedback, in real-time, improvements or corrections to the work at hand using a simple menu guide to capture the ideas and issues.

Asset Management

Maintenance standards are at the heart of heavy industries and, as such, GENEO has built a system that enables asset teams to build standards that manage the complexity at hand and, in the process, enable your teams to reduce the number of standards required to manage and maintain the assets.



Keep your people safe in the knowledge that GENEO tracks and provides alerts to any changes in competency caused by a change to the work instruction.

Change Management

With a powerful, yet streamlined process for managing any change to standards, your team can keep track of any changes made and keep your people safe.


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For more details on how GENEO Software can help you master the future of production in an ever challenging world, contact us on sales@geneo.co.uk. Alternatively, organise a short demo with one of our team.

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