At last, a software application for work instructions and continuous improvement

The GENEO application is:


Companies of medium to large scale pursuing Operational Excellence

Who Need

A platform that generates Standard Operating Procedures to maximise customer satisfaction through efficient call handling and customer account management

And Want

To meet regulatory compliance without compromising service excellence


GENEO Software


A SaaS provider


Enables front-line staff to build Work Instructions that improve performance by 10% or more.

Our Product

Empowers front-line staff to standardise and deal with the complexity of varying customer requirements in a regulated market


Desktop applications or document management systems


Manage customer pathways, back-office tasks, and all your training needs 

GENEO Software is a powerful application for all your standard operating procedures. From customer-facing sales and enquiries to those managing the back office processes.

Customer First – Use GENEO Software to enable decision making and enhance First Contact Resolution.

Your teams can now create well defined and accessible Standard Operating Procedures to guide them through the complexities of the customer journey.  Minimising hand-offs or delays is now possible with the GENEO Software application.

Resolving issues – right first time in the contact centre

GENEO Software enables your staff to meet the complexities and different needs of the customer with minimal fuss. The on-screen ‘step through’ guide keeps the call on track and moving towards resolution. With the development of steps with decision-based outcomes, GENEO Software can guide your team members through difficult or complex processes for better First Contact Resolution. All this with minimal risk to compliance.

Building advisor capability to help the customer


With a built-in authorisation process, all stakeholders can ensure your standard operating procedures are fit for purpose, compliant and risk-free. Not only that, the burden of work that goes into maintaining good standards with strong governance is significantly reduced with the GENEO application.

Keeping track of changes and stemming the flow of uncontrolled copies can become a full-time job for a small task force managing a process involving email, document management systems and excel trackers. GENEO Software provides an all in one solution, streamlining the governance process and keeping track of all changes ensuring your compliance adherence is 100%.

Got an Idea?

High performing teams generate hundreds of great ideas a year. Sadly, most of them are rarely acted upon. A typical organisation will have only 5% of its population involved in creating and changing standards. Worse still, only 2% will be involved in problem-solving.

GENEO’s application is designed to harness everyone’s enthusiasm and curiosity. It is a common platform for all to get involved. To be the best, over 80% of your staff should be involved in creating SOPs and improving them for the benefit of the customer and your business.

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